is there a super good sales agent everyone uses

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So we have a house we cant sell which is sitting right outside of dignowity hill.  It hasnt sold for six months.  My agent doesnt know why, we are out of ideas here.  Its 607 saint james.

Does anyone have a sales agent theyve used that could move this house quick? 

In my quick look on zillow and redfin I didn't see anything wrong with the house, my biggest concern would be the Google street view showing the home in its un-rehabbed state along with the neighboring properties.  It could also be difficult for other agents to show if you don't have a lockbox.  I hate to say it but if your agent has requested agents contact them before showing and your agent doesn't answer their phone that can be a major problem.

Any ideas guys?  The house next door just sold for 300k, we cant get any bites here at 229k.  My agent says its because the foundation is shifting, so when little problems crop up like the backdoor recently wouldnt close right, it scares the agents off and it doesnt get shown.  

I dont understand how minor repairs can mean a 70k swing in value from the next door.  

@Steven Mitchell - Steven, @aaron platt just told you something very valuable. The listing is not a “go and show” (I think that’s what they call it). Meaning a realtor has to call your realtor to set up a showing. The extra work to see it may be an issue. And if your agent misses the call or doesn’t return the call (likely)then you miss a showing and potential buyer. Also, the area around the house needs cleaning up.

Meant to put @aaron klatt

@Steven Mitchell do the showing instructions on your listing say go direct? if not that may be a problem even if the lockbox is there. You might also have your agent send you the listing in MLS so you can look it over and make sure that there are no mistakes or omissions.

@Steven Mitchell   Hi Steven have you tried to offer a bonus to the buyers agent that may help as well.

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