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I'm looking for a great agent in San Antonio that is used to working with out of state investors and has experience with 4+ unit buildings. This agent should know the market well and ideally be well connected to lenders, PMs etc.

I am looking to build a long term relationship if everything works out well.

I am also looking to connect with anyone else from the SA area that would like to share some insights or just wants to chat (online probably) about REI

@Simon Stahl I’m a great agent in the San Antonio area who is used to working with out of state investors on properties up to 4 units. Feel free to reach out to me, I’d be happy to chat!

I am an investor and agent. I deal with mostly cash flow investors both with MLS and off market properties. Right now I have quite a few single family rentals , fourplexes and a 20-unit portfolio that I can send you. All the properties I send and vet have at least a 10% cap rate and cash flow very heavily. PM me for my contact info. Arissa

@Tyler Roicki Sorry, I'm already talking to someone from exp and i don't want to start any internal problems

@Arissa Pedroza I'd be interested in any off market properties. Sending you a PM

Try getting in touch with @Sterling Williams for MF properties. I've done two transactions with him and they've both gone very well!

@Simon Stahl I would get on the phone with @Seth Teel , owner of Somos Realty. Seth and his team are the real deal and have experience with out of state. 

I was in a somewhat similar situation as you a few months back. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions 

Thanks @Jeff Tamaru !

@Simon Stahl , reach out anytime.  We work with a lot of out of state clients as well as many in from other countries.  We have an extensive network of lenders, contractors, & property managers.  I am happy to help any way I can.

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