Looking for a San Antonio agent with strong STR knowledge+exp

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Hello San Antonio,

I'm looking for a very "in the know" agent who knows the Airbnb scene in San Antonio and can help me learn any local regulations and buy legal, code/bylaw compliant STRs in the SATX area. I have this knowledge in Austin for these topics and would like to see what is available over there.

For the record, the Rockets are my #1 team and the Spurs are #2. The Mavs are like #39.

@CP Chou

I'm glad you established where your basketball loyalties lie. That's key to weeding out the wrong agents.

I'm not in San Antonio but just giving a little self-indulgent plug for seeking out an agent with STR knowledge if you plan on buying to rent as an Airbnb. I know here in Denver and in all of Colorado, there are a lot of ways investors can get mixed up if they don't know the Airbnb laws in their city. (Colorado Springs is wide open, for instance, Denver is much tighter, and Boulder is like a steel trap. The rest of the cities are all over the map, no pun intended.)

Anyway, good luck!

@CP Chou  

What type of questions do you have? Currently STRs are not regulated.  Over the last year the City has developed a draft ordinance (click here to view).  Since the beginning of the year, the City staff has presented this to each city board (Planning, HDRC, Board of Adjustment, etc.), gaining support for the ordinance and taking note of requested amendments and changes.  The ordinance, with amendments, is to be presented to the City Council in the next couple of weeks.  It is very likely it will pass.  If this passes, current STRs that are current on their Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) will be grandfathered in.  New STRs will be divided into two categories: Type 1 STRs = Owner Occupied or Owner on Premises; Type 2 STRs will = absentee landlord.  There is significantly more regulation on the Type 2 STRs.  Feel free to read through the draft ordinance and shoot me any questions.

If you questions more pertain to good areas to buy and STRs, I can help with that too.  Several of my clients use this investment strategy.  

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