Randolph Brooks (RBFCU) - using them for a HELOC

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Can anyone share their experience with using RBFCU to do a HELOC on their primary?

I talked to them about getting a HELOC out of primary home residence. Just wants to see if others' experiences lines up with my perception of them.

I do not know about their HELOCs, but have used them repeatedly for 15-year investment property loans. They were generally the best rates in town. You might compare with Pentagon Federal Credit Union who is even more competitive (I had a HELOC from them). Expect a lot of red tape and even incompetency with the credit unions. Go to their main branch on Lookout road/1604, don't even fool with remote branch personnel. Be patient, it may take hours of office waiting and a lot of unreturned phone calls, be ready for general unresponsiveness.

I have a HELOC with them right now. I have had it probably for 3 years now. I love it, and RBFCU. Been banking with them since 1977. The HELOC is awesome and if you keep it under 125k the underwriting is free at least that was what it was when I got it established. It should only take a few days to set up, I would recommend them as a first choice option.

I agree with @Joe Scaparra - I currently have a HELOC with them. The process was pretty simple and had been working great for me.

Thanks, @Betty Cruz , @Joe Scaparra , @Brent Washam .    Glad to confirm the good hunch.  They were actually subtracting a margin ..prime - 1/2%

@Brent Washam -Penfed, right?  I liked them too ...85-90% ltv, ability to pull heloc on future investment property if need be, interest-only and traditional repayment option during draw period.   I'll have to double back to RBFCU on their investment lending .  I'm starting to hear their name come up repeatedly for loans.

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