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Hello all, Is there anyone out there that is an investor in the Boerne Texas area? Looking for networking and knowledge sharing opportunities. Thanks, Adam

I'm in Helotes but invest in San Antonio.  Are you looking to invest in Boerne?

@Adam Taft

My primary area for exploring opportunities has been Boerne but with the market the way it is, deals are few and far between. Where in SA do you look for investments?

@Adam Taft I am basically in north central to northwest San Antonio.  I mainly stay in this area for ease of management.  Otherwise I would look in different areas.  The deals are still out there but they are tougher to find.  

yes hit me up at joesistopena @


@Adam Taft , Usually the properties that I've put out in Boerne have either been properties with a lot of acreage or higher end flips. Have you had luck finding anything out there under 200k?

@Ivan Vera, not a lot of luck under $200K. They come on the market occasionally but usually get snatched up pretty quick and always seem to have already had a deal made before they hit the MLS. Sort of why I was hoping to build my network out here to get some leads going and help one another by sharing info or a joint deal.

I live in Bandera. Haven’t bought any deals in the local area. All of our properties are in Louisiana.

I’m always looking locally, but haven’t come across anything better than what I can get somewhere else.

@Adam Taft I am heavily invested in commercial on Main Street in Boerne as well as between Boerne and Spring Branch. Let's connect!

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