Investor needing a good, remote general contractor. Suggestions?

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I'm out of Austin Texas and starting a rehab in San Antonio soon. I need a reliable/dependable contractor I can trust to get the job done with me being remote. Anyone have any recommendations?

San Antonio is a difficult place to find reliable labor (something I've been working on for almost 4 years now).

Any specific trades you need?

More important thing to make sure you don't get ripped off is working out your draw schedule. I never pay for labor up front, I will pay for materials (but only by calling the supply house and paying directly).

I pay 25% of labor when 50% of the job is completed and the rest after the job is totally finished, inspected, all permits are closed, etc.

@Larry Hawkins like @Christopher Gill said San Antonio is tough. There is more bad labor than good here. We GC all of our projects. What’s the cost of rehab you’re doing? What’s the value of the property?

We are in the middle of a rehab on a 192-unit project in San Antonio and been very happy with our GC--but the scope is pretty big.  What is your scope? 

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