Just Relocated looking for wholesaling training

3 Replies | San Antonio, Texas

My is Nick and I just Relocated to the San Antonio area from California. I am really interested in starting to wholesale houses in the area. I was hoping to find a group or someone willing to teach me about this market as I work a full time job as a delivery driver around town, as I see a lot of vacant homes in the areas I deliver to and would love to start walking away from the corporate money to making my own for my family to spend more time with my son(8yo) and reduce or eliminate the amount my wife works..

I am the first one to tell people NOT to pay for guru stuff. They usually charge several $100. Then you have to take the next class for several $1,000. Then the really expensive class if you are REALLY serious about investing for $50,000.

With all that said, I am teaching a class this saturday for $99. You can find all the info on my profile.

I have no ulterior motives, no NEXT class that costs more, just some basic knowledge to find some deals and either wholesale them or get started in rehabbing.