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Long Distance Investing: San Antonio, TX

Posted Sep 17 2019, 13:49

Hey all! My fiance and I are looking to purchase an investment property in San Antonio, TX by the end of the year for no more than $100k. We're currently located in Los Angeles, CA, but through some research and feedback from friends, we have decided that the SA market may have better investment opportunities for us at this time.

I was hoping to hear feedback from people who have recently closed deals in SA who could recommend areas of interest where we may find great leads.

Further, we are looking for ways to better entrench ourselves in the SA market. For those who are currently investing in SA, any suggestions for groups or clubs we may join to meet people in the market; or relevant conferences in the market that are recommended for us to attend?

I know this is a lot of asks, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

San Antonio, Texas

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