Tips for Analyzing Properties!

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Hi BP!

I'm looking to get my bearings around analyzing properties to identify deals. I just read The Book on Flipping Houses, and the book explains that it is necessary to examine several (50-100) properties to get familiar with what a deal looks like. This includes comp analysis, identifying overall market trends, and much more. I'm looking to create a spreadsheet or some concrete methodology that allows me to track my analysis and utilize any available tools around. 

With this being said: 

Are there any tips that you can share around how you analyze a property? 

Are there any good resources available to help a beginner get comfortable analyzing details? (i.e. BP resources? spreadsheets? checklists?). 

BP does offer calculators for paid members. If you are not prepared to become a paid member you might be able to find online calculators. You may also want to try Microsoft templates. There's probably a spreadsheet you can modify. No need to start from scratch. 

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@Rob Lee thanks for responding! I'm super new to the forum, but I can already see the value of becoming a paid member. It seems like that would be the best route forward. 

 Congrats on finding BP! Welcome to the community.