New to Investing in Fort Worth and Dallas, Suggestions on CPAs?

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Hello all!

Excited to be here, there's a lot caring people and high energy environments.

I'm a software engineer by day and landlord by night and currently started looking to expand my portfolio. I've been looking into starting an L.L.C. to wrap my current two properties around and use this current equity to launch me into my next investment. My strategy is really to buy, fix up, rent and refinance to hopefully gain cashflow and equity to keep propelling me to my next investment. 

Anyone have any great suggestions on a specific CPA to get me started? I'm currently in Fort Worth, Tx. Although, I'm not opposed to a remote CPA!

Any general advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi All,

I am also a beginner of this real estate. I am currently holding 2 rental properties, and looking to protect/separate asset using LLC. If you have someone recommend, I would appreciate that.


Just want to update that we got LLC setup and no need CPA for that. We can do it ourselves easily. The power of friends and google. Alfredo, if you need info let me know.