DFW Rent Appreciation (2016-07)

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Hi All -

This is my first post. I enjoy analytics and was playing around with historic rent appreciations in the DFW area as of 2016-07. Note that this calculation is done on the median monthly rents for a 3 bedroom 2 bath in the specified zip codes. The terms are % rent appreciations for the time period (ie. 1 year %’s are the change in rents from 2015-07 to 2016-07, 2 year %’s are the change in rents from 2014-07 to 2016-07,…).  I didn't have full access 5 years of median rents so I calculated as much as possible given the data set.

If you all find this useful, I will add more analytics to the site as I calculate them. If you have access to better data in the DFW area, I will help you crunch it! 

Additionally, I'm interested in modeling will help you vet and structure investments/deals, just PM me.

BTW, I'm searching for an agent/broker that handle investment properties. Please PM me the info. Thanks!


Hi Scott - 

Sorry, I am not able to locate historic rents for all of the DFW zip codes.  However, I have the price appreciations and I have included them below:

Those cities have seen some massive price appreciations.



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@Andrew Herrig - Zillow.  If you have better data, please share it with me and I'll be more than happy to update my calcs.  I've found very few data sources for historic monthly rents by zip code... 

My next project is to use regressions to quantify the value of DFW schools in the price of 3/2 SFHs.