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I'm 19 and from Dallas, Texas and I am wondering where to find seminars to attend on real estate and best events to network at and learn from professionals. If you know please let me know. Thank you.

Don't attend anything.

Listen to the podcasts. 

Decide what you like.

Buy 5 books in it and read them.

Then invest. 

No seminars or upwelling needed 

@Account Closed .. All the info you need can be found on the books,forums and podcasts. When I started, I attended a "free" seminar, which turned into a $200 3-day seminar, which then turned into them wanting you to sign up for a $20k to $30k program..Fortunately I wised up at the 3 day. It wouldn't hurt to attend a few reia meeting, if you want to network but you can also network here. Either way be sure to vet anyone you want to work with as there are some that will try to take advantage (googling names and companies can bring some red flags to light) 

Best of Luck!

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Hey Cole,

I'm new to REI as well in the Dallas area. I went on (you can also download the app) for the REIA meetings that be in DFW area... they were informative. Books, podcast, and these forums have been extremely helpful for me in getting started.

Good luck !

I would still just look for people on the Internet, they are full. It is desirable that there be an example of their work and drawing on them to draw their conclusions. Certainly read books, podcasts, as they wrote earlier.

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