County site vs MLS for Pleasant Grove

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Looking for someone who has completed a deal in Pleasant Grove in 2016.

The DCAD and online prices (trulia, redfin, Zillow) for properties in Pleasant Grove are so different, about a $30-40k difference in many cases. I know DCAD is "value" as opposed to list price but What should I make of this disparity?

Has anyone completed a deal on single family homes in PG recently? Either fix and flip or buy and hold.... As you know, real disparities can be great In PG from street to street, even house to house, and I am unsure on my next move.

My problem: I see a few lots under $10k in my target area but not sure of the surrounding retail prices. My plan is to buy the lot with cash, finance construction and sell. My uncle, the builder, is very successful and experienced in this method of investing and I look to him for guidance.

Any tips?

Do you know any realtors who can run some comps for you?

Since this post, j was able to compare. Zillow was only $2k off the actual list price. 

I do have a friend with MLS creds and they've been run on the area but the owner won't budge on lot price . Are you a realtor? My current Realtor doesn't move quick enough haha

No I'm not but Ive been connecting and networking with other realtors in the DFW so I can have a few options

@Bab Adetiba DCAD tax value is not the same thing as market value. DCAD has been aggressively trying to get their assessments closer to market value as of late, but the only real way to determine market value is to run comps. Since Texas is a non-disclosure state, Zillow and similar sites don't have any sales data, only listings. 

@Andrew Herrig thanks a ton for that clarification. I partnered with an agent for those comps.

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