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Hi my name is Milana and I am pretty new to real estate. We had just completed out first flip in Dallas and are not sure weather we should stage it... Does staging a home gets you top dollar or a faster sale? Also any marketing advice for the property besides using MLS. Thanks.

Yes, staging it will get you top dollar and a faster sale. Using the MLS will also get your top dollar and a faster sale.

@Milana Gutman in our market, with as hot as it is I don't think it's necessary. Your pricing however should be on point! In a few cases (homes $400k+ I may propose staging) MLS in most cases is going to be your best bet for marketing. I offer limited service listing if you want to do your own negotiations or if you would like me to help (negotiations, etc.)

YES! I was lucky enough my first staging experience, the stager consultation fee was a lesson. so she taught me how to do every room. the basic point. 

But I am friends with an interior designer so she minimally stage my house today. bath and kitchen decor.  she doesn't' have furniture

My clients that does the FULL stage gets top dollars fast.  I haven't done that yet

my YES was I staged my own home for sale, so I had staged pic, and VACANT house when I moved!

I took all the personal stuff out, I PICTURE STAGED the house... 

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It depends on your specific market and how competitive it is. 

Staging can help with a house or rooms that are really big and open (create two rooms within one big one) or that have awkward floor plans.

In higher price points I would expect properties to be staged. In a competitive market a property may not need to be staged because it will sell regardless. 

Check your days on market (DOM) statistics. If they are low (maybe 15 days or less) on average that may be a sign you're in a competitive market... but we are heading into a slower season too. Which means less inventory but not as many buyers out there too.

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