Sellers Standard closing cost

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I need help understanding what the sellers closing cost will be for a property I am purchasing. Who should i talk to determine what that cost will be. I want to determine if I can offer to pay their closing cost for them. 

I am purchasing this with hard money, so I am not sure if it will be any cheaper than a standard mortgage from a bank. I am trying to get in touch with a hard money lender or a title company to see if they can help me understand what that cost will be. 

I'm hoping bigger pockets will be more responsive so I can finalize the contract.

It's all negotiable. A seller may pay for your title insurance and survey, for example. They also pay agent's fee if they used a listing agent. 

It depends. If you're buying distressed, then you're likely paying everything. Your closing costs from the HML should be pretty straightforward -- points are simple but expensive. From title, maybe $1000 for everything should be more than enough to cover it.

Maybe more details about the deal would help with a more specific answer. 

Hope this helps.

The title company on your team can run the numbers for you.

The realtor on your team can do it for you too. :-)