Anyone know of a locksmith who can open a wall safe?

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Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a fixer-upper in the Garland area and found a safe hidden in the wall in the master bedroom. Does anyone know a locksmith who can help open the safe so we can sell it with the house instead of cutting it out and dumping it? 

Depending on how sophisticated the safe is, you might have to contact the manufacturer and prove ownership of the property.  If it's older a locksmith could probably crack it.  A diamond wheel on an angle grinder would also work, with my only reservation being possible ammunition inside.

Thanks for the reply guys. It looks like a cheap one from Walmart. Bunker Hills I think. Called A1 Locksmith in Garland and they wanted about $150/hr with a 2-hour minimum to drill through it. I'd probably just have my contractor drill through it instead.

As a tool junky, this is the perfect opportunity to buy a 4 ft crowbar at 35-40% off.  The cheap Safe Sentry ones you can just pry/hammer and hammer/pry into.  Let us know when you find a Luger and 100k cash.

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@Lallu Tappu    Any luck with the safe?  Find any hidden treasure?   Let us know your success?

 Just had my contractor break it open, no luck, it was empty. People still tried to break into the house to get it so I left it on the patio for everyone to see. Sure enough, someone stole the empty broken and open safe the first night.