Need Recommendation for Investor friendly brokerage to work under

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The wife is finishing her classes for her real estate license for purposes of our investing. We're looking for a brokerage that has no sales goals/quotas (or 1 sale/yr to maintain active status), no or minimal monthly fees, flat fee, no expectations of meetings or working from an office, but enough of a presence to answer basic questions as needed.

If you have any folks you'd like to recommend that meet all (or most) of the criteria above, please share. Thanks

@James Evertson - in my area there’s one called RealtyMark and another called Homesmart. Fees are $50-75/month and you pay $300-650 per transaction or 10-15% on Rentals. A $250k transaction at 3% would give $7500 commission. At 36/64 Keller Williams, the company/franchise takes $2700 of the total. So if you do one deal you’re better off with the flat fee place. Maybe a small company not tied to NAR would work for your wife because then you’re not forced to join NAR at $500-600/year. As a newbie agent, a bigger firm was nicer (just say you plan to be full time) because of all the great technology and training. BHHS Berkshire was $600-650/yr flat plus a 54/46 split. Each brokerage is different with its fees, even with the same name like REMAX.