Looking for Sub-Contractor Recomendations (Drywall, & Tile)

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Hi Guys,

Just getting started here in the Dallas area. We just moved back and bought a house for ourselves first. I'm a licensed Architect married to an amazing Interior Designer. Were looking to put a list together of recommended contractors to do work on our house first so we can vet them out to do work on investment properties. 

Currently in need of:






Feel free to PM me if your hesitant to post the contacts openly.

@Les Key what part of Dallas are you looking in? And are you looking for lipstick work or bigger reno?

If you’re wanting to be the project manager yourself, I have had a lot of luck in calling specific wholesalers in the area you’re looking at to get 3 recommendations (Sherwin Williams for paint, Floor and Decor for tile, etc). They are usually always willing to help point you towards their better/more reputable customers because they get more business from the recommendation. 

This method has been proven successful both personally and professionally. I do commercial property management and 100% of my sites are long distance, sometimes in small towns where it’s tough to get word of mouth recommendations. I’d say 90-95% of the time, quotes come in extremely reasonable and the work is done properly.