Water Conservation Program for Multifamily

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I was looking at a multifamily property (~40 units) and the broker mentioned that I should look into water conservation program to help reduce the water usage. After a bit of googling the only thing I found was https://savedallaswater.com/multi-family-toilet-replacement-program/

Does anyone know if there's any other programs specific to multifamily that I can implement?



@Ray Li I know that if you get on the CARE program for pg&e that you also get discounts for water service since they put in low flow sink nozzles and shower heads. It is a state program that I believe PG&E is required to do, so I would check in with the TX utilities and see if there is something similar. CARE program is for lower income families, but there is also a landlord version.

@Ray Li We actually did this at Arbor. Fannie was looking for ~25% reduction in water usage and they base it off of inspection reports to see how the savings can be achieved. A few examples would be lo-flow toilets (0.8 gallons), low flow shower heads, low flow faucets etc. They also looked into replacing washing machines with energy efficient models to reduce usage. 

Companies like savewaterco will provide an estimate on how much can be saved at what cost, which you can underwrite into your deal assumptions. Agency loans offered green programs but there's a chance they will go away in 2020.