Thoughts on Casa View area?

3 Replies | Dallas, Texas

I've been seeing a lot of new listings for recently renovated SFHs in the $180k-$250k range in the Casa View area. I am not familiar with the area, are there some new developments happening over there? What are people's thoughts on that area for investment purposes? 

I am looking for a SFH to purchase in the $200k range to live in for a year or two which I can then turn into an investment property if I decide to move. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Any place can be a good investment if the purchase price and rental income are right. Did you check sales comps to figure out if the property is a good purchase and rental comps to see what your ROI would be?

Thanks, agree Neil. I do have a spreadsheet I created a while back that analyzes ROI and discounted cash flow. Been out of the market for a while and wanted some help with ideas on where to start looking for my price range, something with upside in the future with new developments coming that I may be missing.

Great area....I think the focus there is that there are a lot of homes in the zone....that means right price, need rehab, area close to some demand downtown Dallas.   Some flips probably make sense.   Not really any new construction I know about around there.  Maybe a new house here and there on a vacant lot, but new house prices probably don't make a lot of sense in the area.