How to become an “investors real estate agent”

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I’m most definitely interested in becoming an investor myself, but I lack the capital. I’d like to build capital by saving money toward my first few rental properties. As a licensed agent in the DFW area I can’t think of a better way to do this than by building my real estate business. I would like to find my niche as a go to agent for the investor in this area, but I am not sure of how to go about doing this from ground zero. Are there any realtors in the BiggerPockets community with any advice?

@Jarvis Davis

Thinking like an investor is key. First and foremost, we look for deals. In fact, we need a good deal flow to be successful. In today's market, it is I'm difficult to have this. So look for great investment deals and build your buyers list. Here's the tricky part, simply having access to the MLS is not good enough. You need to find off market deals. To do this you'll need to build a system. This is the most important step. Think like an investor and see value where others may not. Good luck!