Is it worth looking into small apartment complexes in DFW?

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A bit of background. I am local here to Dallas, currently live in Plano and own a bunch of SFRs in the Collin county. I have also done a few flips to sell and flips to rent and have a few LTRs in Collin county as well. Given the market for SFRs is so hot right now, even in August, is it worth looking at small apartment complexes? 

I currently self manage my rentals but do not believe I will be able to self manage apartments and all the complexities that come with it. Are there any folks here with experience with small apartment complexes and PMs that would care to share their experiences and contacts?

@Bruce Lynn , thank you for your response. I had not thought about the financing option yet. I will look into it. My main goal is to keep it as passive as I can, hence the need for a good and experienced PM so going after distressed properties would be unlikely.