Who is doing commercial in Austin?

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I have a daycare (I think you do also?). I am generally looking for multifamily but have a hard time finding over 4 units here at a logical price. 

I don't own it yet, but am scheduled to close within a couple weeks.    Where is your daycare?

So yes, the yields on residential, singles and multis, aren't so great anymore.  Maybe other types of commercial make more sense now.  

I don't have any, but I would like to learn more about it.  I would also like to own some but it seems more stable and more risky at the same time. How does the daycare work? Is it triple net?

I am planning on going to the Austin REIA. Let me know if you want to connect there!

DoubleTree Hotel Austin NW Arboretum - 8901 Business Park Dr, Austin, TX, 6:30pm