Foundation Person in San Marcos?

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Can anyone recommend a good foundation company in the San Marcos area?  I am working on a deal that may need the slab to be raised and supported.  Thanks for your recommendations!

Anthony, Have you talked with Rubio concrete here in Wimberley?  They could be a good crew, I have not used them but I see them always working.

Darin, thanks for the recommendation!  I will check in with them.

@Anthony Deringer

Our company uses Trinity Foundation out of San Antonio and they come up to Austin to do our work so I'm sure San Marcos is OK.  They have great prices and do free quotes usually the week of.  Be sure you tell them you want an engineers report on the work done if you decide to use them for the work.  

Tip: Have at least 2 companies come out to give you an estimate and be sure both of the companies know that there will be another company coming out to give a quote.  Keeps them honest and competitive.

@Ronnie McClain   

This falls under the category of most things I do not know about yet, so I have to ask.

Will most foundation companies offer up the engineers report outlining the scope of work?

Thanks in advance!

@Anthony Deringer Did you close on the house?

@Darin M. I can't say if most do or not (I only use a couple) but I do know if they don't then essentially it is worthless when it comes to buyers trying to get the house financed. One of the companies I use always includes it and the other includes it upon request. Be sure it is included as some companies charge more for the report.

@Darin M. Sorry for my terrible response time!  I actually close on the house today.  I am excited to get started on another rehab project.  If you are ever in San Marcos, give me a shout and I will give you a tour.

@Ronnie McClain Thank you for the info.  The closing has been delayed a couple of times, but now I am getting serious about getting the foundation work done, so I will be contacting Trinity.  Thanks again for the reference!

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