Anyone successfully house hacked in the San Marcos area?

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Hey everybody!

I'm currently a Texas State student so the idea of house hacking to live on a reduced or zero cost obviously has a nice ring to it. The problem is the inventory in San Marcos is almost none from what I have been able to see. Would love to hear what other people who do business in the area think, thanks!

Hey Cody!
That's a great plan, and is certainly attainable, even in a tight market such as San Marcos. The biggest factors being, the ability to act quickly, by being pre-approved for financing/having your funding in place to do so, as any "deal," will typically receive multiple offers within a day or two of it hitting the market.

There are of course, not an abundance of properties on the market at any given time, however, should you know what you desire to purchase and within what budget, I would be happy to point you in the right direction as fitting units arise.

Should you be unfamiliar, would like to crunch numbers, visit a few properties, etc., to begin to get "your hands dirty," I'd be happy to show you the ropes, answer any questions you might have, and may even be able to introduce you to your first investment.

I hope this finds you well!

Brandin Huber, Broker
Huber & Co. Real Estate

@Brandin Huber  Hey Brandin, thanks for the response. You're right about needing to be quick, they don't mess around in this market. 

Visiting a few properties sounds like a great idea, do you have any that are potentially good investments in the area already?



Cody, PM me. I'm a hard money lender and I will try help. I have a friend who will let us look through her MLS and we can set alert for San Marcos new listings. With Amazon there now, there will be always someone looking. But that sets you up for renting it out if you decide to move in closer or farther away. San Marcos now has an automatic renter as soon as it is announced. No one likes to drive even from S. Austin because you have to pass Kyle and Buda..Yuck!

I'm sure you can act quickly when properties come on the market. An issue is: what will you need to pay to purchase one of these? There seems to be such demand for 2-4 unit properties in TX that they commonly have rents under 1% of asking prices. Besides acting quickly, make sure what you pay makes financial sense.

Haha, good memory @Seth Teel !

My wife and I moved to San Marcos a few years ago and at the time I was hoping to find a duplex to house hack in. Unfortunately, we never found anything that met my wife's standards - haha. We ended up just renting and only lived there for about 8-9 months while my wife finished up her masters.

As fast as San Marcos has been growing, I imagine it would be hard to find a good deal...but if you do you will be set as I think the whole I35 corridor still has a lot of growth left! Good luck @Cody R. !

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