Pioneer Crossing Community East?

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Assuming Google maps is showing me the right place, looks like a quiet neighborhood on the NE side of town. Should be safe, but I wouldn't call it up and coming. I assume there's not much in terms of shops, restaurants, etc... in the immediate area. I wouldn't live there, but that's just not my pace. I prefer to be in/around downtown.

@Austin Johnston I have a single family rental in that neighborhood and actually lived there for almost 5 years (house hacked). I got a great deal on a 6 month old house in the downturn so that is why I bought there but never planned to stay there as long as I did. It is a quiet neighborhood but does have some challenges with being a bit remote. Lots of development in the area right now. 

@Austin Johnston

As @Stephen Stokes said, there is lots of development in that area right now, both commercial and residential. Overall, I really like all those neighborhoods close to the Samsung campus on E. Parmer (Harris Branch, Edinburgh Gardens, Pioneer Crossing, etc.). I helped a house hacker client earlier this year get a good deal (purchase price below appraised value + $3,000 in seller paid closing costs) on a turn-key SFR in Edinburgh Gardens. It's still only ~10 mins. to I-35 & Parmer, ~20 mins to the Domain, and ~20 to downtown Austin outside of rush hour. The median sold price in Pioneer Crossing East over the last 90 days is $227k with 14 days on the market. Just for comparison, in Edinburgh Gardens, it's $205k median over the last 90 days with 26 days on market.

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