Austin 25th Most Expensive City In World To Move To

BERLIN (Nestpick) – The first month's living cost in Austin is $1,979.22, making it the 25th most expensive city in the world to move to, according to the Nestpick 2018 First Month Relocation Costs Index.

In Austin, average rent costs $1,014.61. Internet and phone are $49.05 and $70.37, respectively. Food and drink cost $612.78 for the first month, and transportation costs $43.65.

Visa fees cost $188.75 in the U.S., and processing takes 56 days, according to Nestpick.

Austin ranks as the fifth most expensive city to move to in the U.S.

Dubai, UAE, had the highest first-month living expenses on the list at $4,251.68. Cairo had the lowest at $656.80.

Nestpick studied the living costs involved with relocating to 80 cities from around the world to create the index.