Beginner Friendly Real Estate Brokers in ATX

5 Replies | Austin, Texas

Hi everyone, I became a licensed agent in September of 2017 and have worked as an apartment locator fever since. I'd like to begin selling homes, but would like to continue apartment locating while I'm getting started. So my question is do y'all know of any brokerages in the Austin area that do both exceptionally well or is it even possibly for me to have my license under 2 different brokerages? 

Hey Austin, congratulations on getting your license! You cannot hang your license with more than one brokerage or company. Most sales brokerages are not going to focus on generating tenant leads as they will be more focused on finding buyers and sellers. However, there is a great apartment MLS you can purchase access to as a Realtor and many brokers have access to it even if they don't specialize in appartment locating. And theres no reason why you can't continue locating while growing your sales business. I focus on working with buyers and sellers, but I help several people each year in finding apartments, sometimes thats the only option for a client.

The big issue for you will be determining what direction you want to give most of your attention to, sales or locating. Once you have decided that you will be able to pick a brokerage that will best support you with your goals.

Feel free to PM me if I can help with anything!