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Hello, I am a total newbie wanting to do my first house hack. I have great credit, some liquid and looking to find a deal towards the end of the year. I've started looking at sources for deals on duplexes and I ran across the INvestor Underground FB page. There is also an Above ground. Do you have any experience using these sites? Are they a could way to find properties? Or is it better to go with the MLS?

I dare say that most of us on here are also on that Facebook group.  It's just another tool for communications. Add it to your repertoire and get to know the people. You'll find some of the people on that Facebook page are hacks and others are legit.  Austin is a small town.  After a while, you'll know who provides valuable Intel and who blows smoke. 

@Renee Burke The IU FB page is just the social media channel for the IU meetup group. There are several meetups in Austin area that are worth attending - PM me if you want a quick overview - and you should also see local events in your Dashboard section here at BP. Attending those meetups will give you networking opportunities and some participation in large DLs.

Have you defined your investing criteria? That will also define the best approach. I can send you ours if you need a sample.

There is also a Meet section somewhere here in BP that you can use it to connect with investor agents, wholesalers, etc...and I can give you a list of wholesalers too. There are also institutionalized wholesalers in Austin.

@Renee Burke  Networking and staying in touch with the IU Facebook page is a good start. A lot of great advice and resources from people that have been investing in Austin for some time. There are some good wholesale deals if you aren't marketing to sellers yourself, so if you find people who put good deals up on those Facebook pages, definitely reach out to them.