Best spots for owner occupied in Austin

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Hello, I am looking for good and reasonable areas that I can get a home that I would be living in and renting out to others. I would love your recommendations on good neighborhoods and tips for a new landlord and how to maximize this first home and investment. Thanks!

Are you looking to owner-occupy a duplex? Do you prefer north or south? Do you need an area with a good school district? There are far too many variables to answer this question well without any other details. 

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@Cory Mortensen What is your budget? 

If you're willing and able to deal with college students, anywhere near the UT campus is going to be a great place to live and offer rental opportunities.

Otherwise, I'd recommend looking in the Anderson Mill or NW region of Austin. I purchased in Cedar Park because it's in a great neighborhood, has good schools, and is near The Domain (including the new Apple HQ). And one benefit of Cedar Park is that it's not held to the same AirBNB regulations as Austin is (if you're trying to do that)

Other areas to consider that I can't speak for myself but I have heard may be good investments: East Austin, Manor, Pflugerville, Round Rock.

Hope this helps!

This is an impossible question to answer without many many questions answered as everyone’s needs are different 

Price range?

What are your interests/needs in a house?

Size ?

Single family/condo/ multi?

It varies highly on the area and type of home. But check out Zillow or any other data aggregator. If you're open to AirBNBing your place, check out They aggregate data for AirBNB rentals which is my planned route (at least initially)