Has anyone heard of or worked with Scott Sledge?

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Scott Sledge is a local contracrtor and comes highly recommended in one of our local investor Facebook groups called Investor Underground.  I'm curious if any BP members in my area has any experience working with Scott Sledge?  Any info/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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In my view, a good way to assess whether a contractor may be a match for what you're looking to accomplish is: 
(a) Walk through a recent remodeling project or two done by the contractor (this one is important if you already know the quality level you are trying to get),
(b) Get addresses of recent projects and check how quickly they sold through MLS,
(c) Talk to the property owners who hired him for remodels and see what they say. Ideally talk to those who sold their remodeled properties, rather than rented them out. Check that property addresses and names of the owners you talk to match. Sometimes people giving references to a contractor are either partners or marketing folks who get paid a fee when the contractor gets a job,
(d) Find out exactly which parts of the project the contractor did. Often multiple companies work on the project with responsibilities for different pieces. 
(e) Find out who did the design for the project (paint color scheme, tile, flooring, countertops, selections of vanities, plumbing & light fixtures, etc). This will effect the out come of the project as much as the quality of work. Often contractors volunteer to do a design for you. Be careful about it - especially if the contractor is buying materials. You may end up with lower qualify items or materials.

Once again, thank you for your insight, Alex.  I believe I've covered most of the items you enumerated.  Really appreciate you taking the time to spell all that out.

@Jay Soma

I’m also looking for contractor work at my personal house and future investment property.

Let me know if you find a reputable contractor whether you go with Scott ledge or someone else.