Looking for my first BRRRR

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Hi everyone. My name is Case and so far I've house hacked my way to 3 rental doors. I'm now looking to do my first BRRRR/ flip and hold. I have cash in hand and looking for deals. If you have deals or meetups please let me know!

Just FYI, Austin ranks #66 in the list of best cities to flip houses in :|

Not impossible to find, but certainly not easy (I see a good one once or twice a year). You will get contacted by a lot of wholesalers with flips but just do your due diligence. 

Ha, great call out. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been “lurking” on this site and others so I expect it. On the other hand, I’m good with running numbers and ok running slim margins. 

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Originally posted by @Jake Denning :

@Case Collett are you only interested in Austin or would you be comfortable in a different market? ie: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.

I actually do ENJOY managing my properties myself. But I have family in Dallas and Houston so would consider those areas with the right deal  

New to the Austin area and also seeing that its HARD finding decent deals out here. Also looking in the Austin-San Antonio corridor for Buy and holds ideally. Any word on meetups or networking opportunities?

Austin has become insanely overpriced in the last few years, compared to what it was, and the adjacent towns (Round Rock, Pflugerville, etc) are following suit.  Older homes are being snapped up instantly for all manners of resale.  In my opinion, pretty much anything from San Marcos on into San Antonio is a better market, mainly due to the large number of active military in San Antonio (there are 3 major bases there).  Seguin is up and coming as well.  New Braunfels is a great town in particular, with a huge influx of retired military looking for a place to land close to big bases for healthcare etc.  It's a bigger city than San Marcos, and has good infrastructure.  Active military make awesome renters, as they receive a set amount per month for housing, and 9/10 times, they leave the property in super shape.