Short-Term Rentals - Tips on 'house rules'

5 Replies | Austin, Texas

Hi, I am looking to list property in Austin for the fist time for short-term rental (1 spare bedroom in my primary residence).

Any major things I should look to make sure to include in my agreement on Airbnb ("house rules")?

Or any other advise on common mistakes, tips/tricks/traps?


One thing I was advised to put in was that Host is not responsible for loss, theft, damage or injury and we recommend all guest to purchase travelers insurance. 

An attorney can advise how effective this is but I have it on my listings. 

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Hey @Scott Fehrenkamp

Congrats on your first Airbnb listing! Very curious to see how it goes - so keep us posted! 

As for the house manual, I always like to make sure I include the following (in this order): 

1. If you are local to the area, you must communicate that with us before booking. 

*We like to put this at the very top of the manual so it has the highest chance of being seen. 

*You cannot discriminate. This is not enforceable. But it has worked for us pretty well and helps you screen out parties. 

2. Occupancy limits: Whatever your limit is, in or on your property at one time. The violation of this could lead to the immediate removal guest without refund. *helps protect against parties. 

3. Community guidelines (if you are in a specific community that has rules/regulations on individual conduct): Guest must follow all community guidelines (provide them with guidelines).  

4. For Self-check in properties: You certify that you are willing and able to follow the instructions for self-check in. You agree you will not contact the Airbnb host before reading the house manual. 

5. Fees: List out all of your possible fees. We have ones for smoking, late check-out, lost items and any other losses due to guest not following rules. 

I have also heard of people putting something in about passing a criminal background check, but do not include it in mine yet. 

Have them electronically sign and verify that they have read the house rules. 

I hope this helps. Best of luck!