Recommendation for real estate attorney/CPA in Austin

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Alan Ceshker- Attorney/Title Co Owner

Pat Bibb- CPA (San Antonio but knows RE Investor taxes)

@Anna Swanson

Are you open to working with an accountant remotely?

I would prioritize finding an accountant who specializes in real estate taxation over one that is local.
There are 20+ accountants on this message board who specialize in real estate taxation. Feel free to reach out to a couple and use the one you connect with the most.

Nothing against fee attorneys, but you want a lawyer to represent *you*.  Unless there is a specific attorney-client agreement, the fee attorney does not represent you, your partners, your entity, the buyer, or the seller.  They are great for complex files and can close files where a non-lawyer escrow agent probably cannot.

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@Anna Swanson Also reach out to my pal @Ronald Rohde who is active here too. Not sure how a cpa will aid in the subdivision process, though. 

 Thanks Aaron, definitely open to chatting to see their goals. Remote CPA is probably most likely.