Ballpark numbers for Renovation/Remodeling Home

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I am considering to renovate/remodel a 30 year old 4bed/2.5 bathroom house that is about 2500 square feet. I would like to bring it up to a modern look and have the kitchen/bathrooms to be gutted and replaced. It is not a complete gut renovation as the structure is still sound so not every inch of the house will require a renovation. In other words, the home is habitable as is at the moment. Will have to get electrical/plumbing done as well I assume. I was wondering if I could hear some thoughts/estimates of how much this entire project should cost no more than? For example, how much should a complete kitchen remodel be no more than? Bathroom? Bedroom, etc. I am a new home owner so this is something that is very new to me. Any ball park range from those who have done something similar would be super helpful! Thanks!

Hey Kevin, 

Here are my ROUGH costs for renovations on my flips. I do higher end flips, not crappy quality like most flippers so maybe others will have different prices, but more or less

Kitchen-$8,000-$12,000 this would include cabinets, pulls, backsplash, applainces (kitchinaide or samsung or fridigaire),countertops ( i usually use quartz) and any electrical or plumbing needed

Bathrooms-$4,000-$5,500 per bathroom depending on scope of work

You did not mention things like paint, flooring, trim, base molding, doors, windows, roofing, siding, HVAC systems, so I'm not sure if you need that but here are some of my other rough costs

Flooring-$2.20 a sq foot to sand stain and refinish wood flooring, $2-3 sq for vinyl plank or laminate plus another $1-3 sq for install

HVAC generally $3,000 per system so $6,000- $8,000 for a AC/furnace swap out

Doors and trim/base for a 25000 sq foot house you'd probably be at $4,000-$5,000 all in costs for materials and install

Paint I ALWAYS underestimate, I recently completed a flip that was 1700 sq and for paint/caulk and filling nail holes, it was nearly $6,000... painters make alot of $. So i'd recommend always going high on estimates

I live in Jersey, so my costs might be high or low compared to others as each state and area is totally different. Hope this helps!