Texas Trouble Refinancing Househack

5 Replies | Austin, Texas

My wife and I live in a fourplex in Austin that we renovated. We are looking to pull money back out and leverage it for more properties, but Texas law keeps you from refinancing your personal property if collecting income (as described from a few brokers). I wanted to see if anyone has work arounds, aside from moving out, or other ideas. Thanks!

@Keaton M. I have not had clients specifically try to refinance while living in a multi-family property. You may want to talk with some commercial lenders and see what options you could have if the property was shifted to an LLC. You would lose your primary residence tax benefits but could give you some financing flexibility.

Can you split the 4 plex 3 into LLC and keep 1 yours in your name? Refi the 3 in LLC. Also, reach out to some local credit unions, not through a broker, they are more flexible since they keep loans internal. I know in Texas you can do cash-out refi of up-to 80% LTV, with local bank/credit union they should be pretty good with fast appreciation in the market to get accurate LTV.