This property in Brazil is a multi-billion dollar value due to its rich
natural resources including timber, latex and other inclusive mineral rights. It has over 1.1+ million acres. I have over 120 pages of documentation on the property in Portuguese and English, which includes excellent site photos and other documents of authenticity. It is 482,000+ hectares of tropical rain forest. This is virgin timberland and has not been commercially logged. An extensive land and timber survey has been completed. There are 2,000,000 (estimated) wild rubber trees (Heaves trees) for producing latex rubber.

A geologist report states that theirs a strong likelihood of natural gas and
Petroleum present. There is the likelihood of gold, gems and other valuable minerals on this property.

The title work on the property is "ready to go" and cleared for immediate sale.

Price is $330 Million.
Full disclosures with LOI, POF and certain agreements signed.