Investing in a rental in a Surf Tourism Destination

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I would like to invest in a property in potentially Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, or Dominican Republic. I want to buy something very cheap maybe a foreclosure or something similar. The problem with Costa Rica and Puerto Rico is that it is already an established tourism destination for surfing and I want to hit the best up and coming location so I can grow my real estate investments.... some good examples of well established surf destinations that were not "popular" and "surf tourist destinations" a decade ago is Nosara, Costa Rica and Rincon, Puerto Rico... Any advice, help, insight would be awesome!

I believe Nicaragua still has some areas in the lessor stages of discovery. Have you considered Molokai, HI? I think there could be some paddleboard/surf destination opportunities there that have not been fully exploited yet. Thanks, Matt

Having personally surfed the beaches all over Ecuador, I would recommend you take a look down there. Property is very cheap and they cater to investors. Salinas, Montañita, Olon, Canoa, Esmeraldes, Playas all awesome surf spots with real estate opportunities. 

@Matt R.  yes I have considered HI however it is just not what I am looking for.  The greater surf destinations have been discovered and I am looking for more maybe central/south america.  However, I definitely see where your coming from with HI.  I also agree with what you mentioned about Nicaragua.  I just want to investigate crime, surf status, tourism, and growth there some more and also hone in on a specific spot there.

thank you!

Brandon, if you're interested in Nicaragua, you should get in touch with Holly Beck. Former pro surfer now turned into somewhat of a property developer in Nicaragua, specializing specifically in surfing areas. 

I'm tempted as well to invest in the same asset class as you since I love surfing, but not quite ready to pull the trigger yet as I'm not sure what my vision is for such properties. Perhaps in a few years when I retire.  

I would definitely recommend checking out Nicaragua, I was there a few years ago to surf and loved it! I was mostly in a very small fishing village called Playa Gigante which just north of San Juan del sur. There were already a few people from the states and Canada buying property and building there in the village. And aside from some parts of the big city of Managua, I felt very safe there!

I was doing a lot of investing work in Nicaragua and I can tell you, that's the place to invest! It's long before the boom, it's attracting people worldwide, it's gorgeous, the people are amazing, prices are super cheap, and investors are flocking that way. You can't beat the opportunity there.

The developments I was working with, well, stopped working. I was only working with bigger companies rather than individual properties.

It'd be impossible for me to recommend with nothing more to go on....all depends on your interests, your goals, etc. I wrote an article one time...not sure if it will help-