23 years old and Im a new wholesaler looking for a mentor in Charleston SC!

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Hey everyone, 23 years old and Im a new wholesaler looking for a mentor in Charleston SC! I have been focusing on estate probates but that is the most time consuming process with my courthouse to generate the leads and organize it all, also calling the attorneys and estate owners and sending them both letters is very time consuming.  I am wondering if someone else has done estate probates in my area that might know a more efficient way to generate the leads.  Thanks!!

Why mail to Probate attorneys? Start with Charlie Condon on LinkedIn (came up in a LinkedIn Search of Mt Pleasant SC Probate Attorneys search, so not an endorsement but an example) Make an appointment and visit them. Bring their office lunch and develop a relationship; attorneys with title companies are among the best lead sources of great deals you can have, and, as a onus, many will save you a lot of money by bringing the seller and buyer together in contract without intermediaries! Also, visit with funeral directors and nursing home directors in your area. They are a fountain of information and will provide leads that no one else can give you. As always, be above board and genuine in your interest in their organization; your livelihood and reputation will depend on it.

Further, the younger you are, the more you will have to prove. Probate requires the perception of service and experience. All the best to you.

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