Golden Visa schemes

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I really want to live in Europe again and have been eyeing Golden Visa schemes where if you buy a certain value of real estate a country will give you a renewable residence visa.  Portugal and/or Spain have been doing this at 450,000 EU but Greece is now offering 250,000 EU.  That's $300k US and seems reasonable.

Has anyone else considered doing this?  You can buy a nice piece of real estate for that and I've wondered about syndicating funds for a vacation property that could be used by the members and generate income but allow me to get that elusive visa.  Or some overseas investor could marry me :)

Hi Micki, in Portugal you can do it for 350 000 € if you buy a property in specific areas like downtown Porto, or in the old town of Lisboa.

If you still have that 'dream' in mind and you need help purchasing a property here, or investing here drop me a message. I am in fact start considering parter in a foreigner who was intentions to invest overseas. The old town of Porto (world heritage) is a fantastic place to invest. 

At the moment 80% the golden visas that Portugal gave to foreigers were to Chinese Investors. They are buying tons of property here.

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