Licensed Texas Realtor Looking to work with overseas investors

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I would like help in figuring out the best was to partner with international investors or international buyers/ sellers. I have worked with international client's and many investors in Texas and internationally before and really would like to expand on my brand. I am very driven and haven sold millions of dollars in Real Estate in this last year alone.

Please help with ways to expand my compaby and services to international buyers who would like help with purchasing properties.

Eboni Taylor 

Eboni . From my what it is worth Dept . I have had very little experience in that area . back in the 90's I had sold 2 properties to foreigners both modest sales . They were Corporate transfers to the USA both turned out to be Cash sales . Good to see you have found a specialty type Niche market that you enjoy 

           Now after 911 I don't have the knowledge to know WHAT changes have been made reguarding Foreign Investments . Are they Single Family , Multi Family , Land , O&I ? are there any type business involved in the sales ? I know most all states have Economic Development agencies that are always looking for Foreign companies to come into their areas for MFG purposes . 

        In your state that may be one Dept that may have suggestions for you . Personally I would be paying /consulting with an attorney that has experience in these type areas . Hope this all works out for you .


we are a US team based in China dealing with Chinese investors looking to acquire US real estate. There might be cooperation opportunities for us.  We have had several clients looking to buy houses in Houston and maybe the interest will continue to increase.

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Hello Sam,

 I would love to help your clients that are interested in the buying and selling of properties in the Houston areas. I am also licensed in the entire state of Texas if they have any interest in other cities. I am also working with luxury homes as well so if there are any interest there let me know. Many of the people that bought my smaller homes in the hundred thousand range were Chinese buyers so I am very familiar with working satisfying their needs.

Eboni Taylor 

Keller Williams Realty 


[email protected] 

@Sam Van Horebeek

I was checking out your website and that is very interesting, would be cool to find out more about how it works. It looks to me like you basically advertise listings in either Mandarin or Cantonese for agents here in the US? is that right? Do you get a lot of traffic from Chinese buyers compared to other sites? I guess I'm just wondering what resource most people there use to find properties. I am interested since the market here in the Seattle area has so many buyers from China.

hi Nick,

thanks for the message.  As in the US, very few buyers will buy a property online - most of them will engage a team that knows the market, neighborhood and can provide excellent service. This concept is the same for Chinese buyers of US real estate.  Chinese will appreciate much more to work with a team in China whom they can meet with or talk to in order to discuss their interest.  As such, a website is just an enabling technology but the deals are being closed offline.  

We are having two active buyers for Seattle right now and you are right that we have seen many in the past year and probably more in the years to come.

Drop me an email if you need more information - [email protected]

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