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I would like to hear from anyone residing  or well established in the Philippines and the housing  there. I am looking to buy some properties there and would like to find reliable person connected  there.   I have lived many years there and just now back in the us.

Hey @Dennis Jayy this is probably resurrecting an old post but I am sort of in the same boat as you. From Australia where we are a bit real estate crazy. Being a bit young and nuts I went here to invest in real estate myself, ended up doing a startup in the real estate industry and now run a real estate consultancy and brokerage myself with my wife and some local partners.

I'm trying to inject a bit of Australian integrity into the process and have run through it myself a few times (have a number of properties here). I can probably be of some help to you if you are looking to invest back in the Philippines. Being conservative is probably key seeing as you're not here and there are so many unknowns to deal with (you're probably not going to want to do anything opportunistic where you meed value add straight away unless you have a strong personal connection to a contractor here - we can probably help there, but obviously that's your call). Anyway, feel free to connect if you want to talk some more!