Property investing course Netherlands.

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Hi all. I have a two fold question for my Dutch colleagues. I am keen to do an online course in real estate. I have a full time job, hence the online route. I have read quite a few of the well known books on real estate etc, but I am looking to take a deeper dive especially here in the Netherlands. I was wondering if the consensus is to do such a course or just continue to read more. Are there recommendations for an online course in real estate investing that covers all the basics and some, specifically for the Netherlands? Some that I have heard of are LOI - "vastgoedwaardering en vastgoed belegging" or NHA "makelaar- taxateur" etc. My goal is to get a decent understanding of the Dutch markets as a basis for investing in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance. Craig

One word: VastgoedBelang. 

I do hope you speak Dutch if you want to get to know the Dutch market. There is opportunity for international professionals as well, but then you're competing at a very high level in commercial and 'social' (any lease below 700EUR/month) real estate development. You will have to get a college or university diploma to make the shortlist, what with the industry still being in a slump.

There are some good college books as well, though they don't really give you much on the Dutch market.

@Graig Apart from the well known educational institutes, NVMSOM, Fontys Hogeschool, ASRE, TIASNIMBAS, etc, Vastgoedbelang has practical courses for private real estate investors, but not online. The only online brokerage course is, but I have never spoken to anyone who did this one and the persons involved are unknown to me. The website's holder and 'teacher' is Norbert de Wit, and is linked to an art gallery's website. The other teacher is a 'testaccount' and the third seems to be linked to a small accounting firm. It seems that this setup is not yet finished. 

Do give us some feedback if you succeed in finding an online course. Best of luck.

@Thierry, thanks for the info.  I do speak dutch, might just take a little longer than in English! So in other words, are you saying that it is really hard to get a great deal if you are not registered? I would imagine that knowing the right people might help as it usually does? 

@Erik Thanks, will check them out and if I get cracking on a course, Ill let you know how it goes! In the mean time, books (that you mentioned on another post) will have to suffice!    

@Erik Noordam Hi Erik, thanks for asking.  I have tried a couple of times to contact BOEBAS, to no avail as yet.  Not holding my breath at this stage! 

I am still keen to study something in this line after hours, but in chatting to a number of people, including some estate agents, a lot of the feedback is to partner with someone that is already in the industry instead of studying myself. I guess both ways have their merit,  taking into account opportunity costs and the time lost on other areas of financial education! Thanks for the tip about the AGM. Perhaps see you there!