Sub forums for international locations?

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i love the fact that there are sub forums and the ability to subscribe to local markets! I am wondering if we can also go one step further and sub divide the international forum into countries and then possibly major cities within countries.... Like maybe a Europe sub forum, then a Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc... Then under those Berlin, Paris, Venice, Lisbon...respectively... Just a thought. I know mostly we are focused with US properties but I know I am also interested in finding out about international investing as well.... Just a thought @Joshua Dorkin @Brandon Turner Thanks again and again for an amazing community!

Can´t imagine that this is a feasible (or even really necessary) addition to the site, but perhaps that´s just my take. Most of the content on the site (articles, legalities and the like) are really US-based, as are the vast majority of the members (though could be mistaken here). Instead, you could easily use keyword alerts to pick up whatever a member might post about your targeted areas? I can´t imagine that you´ll get a major deluge, as it seems to me that the international real estate conversation is but a mere fraction of the overall content.

Anybody has contacts in Haïti? It is not exactly a country for much international property business, but I am helping a family sell their luxury retreat in Jacmel, Haiti.

Besides this assignment, international property business is growing, not only by institutional investing. Many are buying investment, second, resort, vacation homes abroad. From The Netherlands mainly in France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands Antilles, and Germany, but also in USA, Sweden, the Alps, Italy and exotic regions in the Caribbean, Thailand and South Africa.

Well, I have been reading a lot of the site and (unfortunately) for me a good part is useless. I mean, the legal part. My market will be Belgium and from there I have almost nothing... It's a great idea, but i'm not sure if it will have so much attendance since the huge majority of people is US based... ( I believe ).

Thanks for all the responses! I was just thinking future use and expand ability of the site. I can see it growing to the international market. I plan on starting stateside and expanding internationally because my kids live in Germany. I have to do this in order to allow me to have ease of visitation otherwise I'm stuck with 2-4 weeks a year. Besides the fact that everything on the internet worthwhile is expanding globally.

Hello spanish market is my favorite at the moment 

@Robert Edwards i was trying to contact u in seceral forums, can t write you and pm. Iwould like to know more about spanish market , specially in the north, i m looking for buy and immidiate rent. I also would be interested in the property management ans i m living  quite far. 

Let me know if you have some info 

Kind regards 


Hi Elena

The Spanish market is definately on the move at present. How fast things move does of course depend on where you choose to invest. The coastlines are as ever popular due to the foreign investment, such as the Costa del Sol, Levante and Costa Blanca. However, Bilbao is probably a good bet too. Barcelona is booming and Madrid isn't far behind. So in general, Spain is in favour, once again. Check out my profile and you'll see a link to our property portal.

All the best and good luck in your search!