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Hello there! I'm new to the this site and the forums. I'm an avid snowmobiler and I'm curious as to where I can find more information about the canadian real estate market. Particularly Quebec. Commercial and/or residential. Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Spencer Alessi welcome to biggerpockets. I live in West coast myself and not sure what info you are trying to find but cmhc has some good info on it in regard to Canadian real estate. Give us more details and hopefully one of us Canadian can help you out.

Hey there. Thank you. I'm curious about all types of Canadian property. I'm looking mostly for businesses. Things like bed and breakfast. Someplace close to snowmobile trails and remote, not right in major cities is a plus! 

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I too enjoy zipping along on the snow, but under my own steam (Nordic & skate skiing).   Both Québec and NB have large snowmobile tourism industries ... I will say that the {heavy} groomed snow mobile trails make for excellent skate skiing.

As Shahriar asked, what specifically do you wish to know?

You can start by looking for real estate for sale on the MLS or on Property Guys.

If you are planning to pay cash, then the process of actually buying real estate is quite similar to in the U.S.A. (save we Close using attornies (Notaires in Québec), not closing companies as in many U.S.A. jurisdictions.   Things will be a little different in Québec as they have both a different legal system and land registry practices from the rest of the country.  

If you are planning to finance your purchase, conventional financing on a vacation or recreational property for a non-resident may be a little bit of a challenge (but really no more difficult that for Canadians purchasing real estate in the U.S.A.

Thanks @Roy N. It's really just been a thought in the back of my mind to open up a bed and breakfast type place right on the very very nice trails in Quebec. So any information on how to go about doing that is helpful! Thank you all!

@Spencer Alessi  

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Sutton is Canada's largest real estate firm and they have realtors in Quebec that might be able to help you. 

If you're planning to finance your purchase and have questions about getting a mortgage in Canada, feel free to message me.