Conveyancing in the UK

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Does anyone have experience with UK investments and executing the conveyancing on the sale/purchase of a property? If so, do you have to be licensed to do so, if not, what do the conveyancing steps entail?

I am a US investor and have purchased a property in the UK but had an attorney do the research/title work for me. I typically do this on my own stateside. I am wondering if I am legally able to do this work on my own as I am looking to purchase more properties in the UK.

Thanks for the input. It is much appreciated.

@Kim Whiteman  

I am a Canadian living here in the UK, currently in the process of buying a rental property. It's very common here to be purchasing leaseholds (as opposed to freeholds) on property, which requires the solicitor to also act on behalf of the freeholder. When existing tenants are in the property, it adds more complexity, as the legal representation needs to ensure that the tenants are occupying the property with appropriate contracts. 

In short, more tenant protection and levels of regulatory oversight

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Thank you for the responses. @Petya Spencer , a UK solicitor and a few of my UK investor friends say you can and actually do a 'DIY' conveyancing for their  properties. Perhaps they have some sort of qualification??? @Cameron Andrews , I appreciate the offer however I am very active in my investments and acquire, project manage and dispose of them myself. The reason I ask about the conveyancing is because I find it to unnecessarily hold up the purchase/sale transaction at times resulting in the transaction falling thru. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

Hi Kim, apologies if I have given you the incorrect info. If a UK solicitor has confirmed that you can do it yourself then it must be possible. I only googled it quickly and because I have never heard of anyone buying/selling a property without a solicitor in the UK I thought it must be the case! Apologies again if I have confused you! Kind Regards Petya

Hi Kim, I spent many years in the UK and bought and sold property there.  DIY conveyancing is possible but I wouldn't recommend it.  As @Cameron Andrews points out, much of the property there is leasehold, which complicates things, and if you're buying a flat where there's a management company for the block it can be even more complex.  Finally if you're using bank financing a solicitor can handle that side of things for you as well.  I think licensed conveyancers are typically cheaper than lawyers, but in my view, lawyers are better qualified and are a safer pair of hands.

I think if you're still thinking about DIY, do a google search on the pros/cons and risks of doing so before making a decision.