Turnkey in England? Tips for Due Diligence

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Hi BP,

Been looking for some turnkey opportunities outside of the states.

Found a company named Emerging Property, it's a London/Dubai based company that targets diffrent markets in the UK.


Seems very professional.

The 10 year fixed NET income of 8%-12% sounds kind of weird.

If a US Turnkey provider would advertise something like that I'd be surprised.

Most offerings are based on leashold (125-250 year terms usually) and not freeholding.

Not sure how to go about performing DD.

Started some email communication with them, they've been very helpful and communicative.

When asked about different cost entry points they mentioned £50,000 to £270,000, all cash purchase (which is what I'm looking for)

Any thoughts?



@Tomer O. The pricing and returns are what can be found here in the US, Why the desire to make your REI more complicated for similar returns on your money? Are you originally from London and just want to own something in your hometown?

@Ray Johnson Thanks for the reply! That's true, that those are not by any means the best ROI's out there. But they seem pretty solid for the turnkey space.

I'm looking for REI opportunities for a non-American friend with a BVI company, that doesn't want to touch US real estate for tax purposes, he's gonna invest via said BVI entity.

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