Investing in Dubai, UAE

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Does anyone know about investing in real estate in Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)? I keep reading about all the development there, and all of the cool buildings. Seems like a great place to make money. I saw a show on discovery about building these palm shaped islands with million dollar homes. I think David Beckham owns one. Anyway, it seems like they are really building the city up. Can anyone help me on this one?

It is great place and vibrant for real estate investments.
However my advise to you is visit yourself and do your own research.
Never buy anything from agents without visiting dubai first.
You are welcome to ask me any specific questions about a particular property.

@Shahid Danyal Are you an investor in Dubai, agent? How has the economy affected the developments in Dubai?

Orange County, CA where I live has a lot of visitors from the UAE, during their summer.

I'm not investing, just curious about other areas.

RE has been impacted worse during 2009-2010. From start of 2011, we started to see signs of recovery. Unfortunately along with the crises outside, the dubai re bubble which many predicted to burst, did exactly so.
Things are getting back to normal because general people forget quickly. There are no off plan properties as was the case then. Developers have re started completion of the put on hold projects and life is back to normal - almost.
I invested a few but mostly in marina and JLT areas. Areas like sports city and dubai land and remote are still far from completion and with the speed I reckon it will take them by 2020.
In marina area, you can buy 1 bed apartment - good quality between 800-900K AED and can rent it immediately at 6-6.5% roi.


and also the limitation that emirates government put on to buy property by an outsider which seems not relaxation to get your home on your chosen place, but still more opportunities are there. You must check this year's cityscape event in abu dhabi.

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What I heard, you can only buy cash in Dubai while Abu Dhabi and some of the lesser-known emirates have decent mortgage rates.

 You most definitely can use bank money to finance in Dubai. You don't need to buy with all cash.