Investing in Serbia. Information anyone?...

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There’s a lot of “noise” around Serbia in the last months, several different people that I respect their opinion suggested that it’s a good time to invest there. All indicators suggest that it will join the EuroZone soon. Any thoughts? Thanks:)

@Ronen Vaingarten I cannot speak to the real estate market in Serbia....however, my wife is originally from Albania, which is just below Serbia. My wife and I own 3 apartments in Tirane, Albania and I can tell you that the estimated values have increased significantly over the past 5 years. Albania is not a member of the EU, however, they have been trying to get in for many years. The government is working to correct issues as it pertains to infrastructure and corruption. It is my understanding that "sometime in the future" when all EU criteria is met, Albania will be allowed in the EU and will presumably be able to take advantage of all the economic benefits that come with it. Perhaps the same is true for Serbia. Please update this thread as you learn more.