Real Estates in Germany!

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I am currently living in Germany and pursuing my master´s degree in engineering.

A couple of months ago I have decided to get into real estates and have been educating myself in this area.

I have set a timeline for starting my first project, by the summer of 2019, in which I want to execute in the city of Würzburg in Germany.

However I am lacking the connections and mentoring needed in this area and was wondering if anyone could give me an advice.

Thank you!!

Hey @Omar Saqer sounds like a plan. 

I will be hosting weekly Bigger Pockets events in English and German in Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Hamburg and especially online, to reach a broader audience, shortly. 

Anyone in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and all other European countries who are interested in learning about multifamily real estate investing in the USA.

Cheers, Ken ;-)

@Omar Saqer , welcome to BP. It can be a daunting task to get into RE from overseas. I am currently living in Italy and will be moving back to the states next summer and have been working to start my business in RE. In fact, I have been working with @Ken Breeze .  He has been coaching me in the art and science of buying multifamily properties.  Hopefully, the two of you can meet up at an event.  He will be able to give you a lot of good advice.

Hey @Price Paramore thanks for the shout-out, much appreciated :-)

@Blair Lee best is to check out people's profile here on BP and follow up on their forum or marketplace postings and other major social channels. Everything that remotely smells like advertising is deleted in the forums :-( thus the paid marketplace area (hint).

Since BP doesn't have non-US cities to choose when hosting and arranging local events, some people (wink) might have to choose a US location but be sure to add local keywords to their headlines and content. I certainly will be arranging a Germany wide event shortly - online and off. Thus the functionality of following your chosen individuals and making extensive use of setting up keyword alerts with words or terms such as course, workshop, event, coaching, mentorship, analysis tools, multifamily real estate syndicator and the like. A cool trick is to double-click a word in any post and add it to your keyword alerts without leaving the page.

An unstoppable entrepreneur myself, I have been mentoring start-up entrepreneurs and business of various industries and niches for two decades now. It's difficult here to differentiate between giving good advice and advocating mentorship programs, workshops or courses to advance your one on one activity and thus speed up the learning curve and timeline to reaching and stretching your goals.

I personally have gone the journey from DIY wholesaling, flipping, seller-financing SFR and international Short Term Vacation Rental management and then arrived at commercial multifamily and self-storage real estate syndication due to the fact that it offers the maximum scalability, economy of numbers and at some point truly leads to passive, residual income and thus to time freedom and choice.

Send me a colleague request to kick the tires, set up a call and get a few burning questions answered in real time, one on one. There we can chat about many things in more detail. 

Cheers, Ken